Rotary Lights Diorama
Last updated on November 6, 2018

Be a part of the Rotary Lights Living Nativity!
Join local WELS churches to contribute to this unique style of evangelism. Sign up for any of the days using the links below:

Friday, November 23rd - ALL CHURCHES


November 24th and 25th  MN CHURCHES


December 1st and 2nd St. Paul's-Onalaska, Bethel-Galesville, Good Shepherd-Holmen, St. John's-Barre Mills


December 8th and 9th St. Matthews-Stoddard, Mt. Calvary-Lax, St. Peter's-Hamburg/Chaseburg, St. Paul's-Bangor, Immanuel-Lax


December 15th and 16th 1st Lutheran-Lax, Grace-Lax, Christ-West Salem


December 22nd and 23rd - ALL CHURCHES


December 25th   ALL CHURCHES