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Glossary of Terms


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A.D. Anno Domini; Latin: Year of the Lord
Agnostic Greek: Not Knowing; one who believes that it is impossible to know if God exists
Altar Structure of earth or unwrought stone upon which sacrifices were made
Angel Greek: Messenger; an agent sent by God, the term denotes the office and not the agent
Apocalypse Greek: Revelation; reference to the end of time
Atheism Greek: Without God; a belief that there is no God


Baptism   Greek: To dip into a liquid, to put liquid on or over; sacrament of admitting one into a Christian church
B.C. Before Christ
Beelzebub Name given to Satan
Bethlehem City of David, birthplace of Jesus
Bible Greek: Biblia, book; a collection of sacred writings containing 66 books.
Blasphemy Profane speech or actions against God


Chapel A holy place or sanctuary
Christ Hebrew: Messiah; official title of our Lord counted 514 times in the New Testament
Christian A believer of Jesus Christ and his teachings
Commandment A decree from God; The Ten Commandments first given to Israel and is still regarded as immutable moral law
Communion Sacrament of The Lord's Supper, fellowship with God
Covenant A contract between two parties; God's counsel, oath, promise
Crucifixion The subject is nailed to a cross through the hands and feet.  Death is caused by asphyxiation.


Demon              Unclean spirits, fallen angels whom with the devil are at enmity with God
Devil Greek: diabolos; slanderer, arch-enemy of man's spiritual interest, the accuser of the brethen
Disciple Scholar, follower of Christ
Doctrine A formally defined belief


Eden                 The garden of, home to the first man and woman
Enmity Deep rooted hatred, attitude of an enemy
Epistles Letters written by the apostles
Eternal Death Fate of the unbelievers for all time in hell
Eternal Life Fate of the believers for all time in heaven


Faith Complete trust or confidence, unquestioning belief
Fall of Man The first sin as recorded in Genesis 2,3
Fear the Lord Fear conjoined with love and hope, filial reverence; designation of true piety
Forgiveness A pardon from God as an act of grace freeing us from the guilt and penalty of sin
Fornication Sexual intercourse between unmarried persons; a forsaking of God
Free-will Offering A voluntary service or gift


Gabriel The angel that announced the birth of John the Baptist and the Messiah
Gall Hebrew: Mererah, bitterness; a mixture of hemlock, poppy, and wormwood
Genesis Bereshith, The first book of the Pentateuch; the creation, an account of the origin of all things
Gentiles Anyone not of Jewish decent
God Divine being, Jehovah, Lord
Gospel Good news, message of salvation
Grace The love and favor of God towards man


Hatred Strong dislike and ill will
Heathen People of the earth, strangers to revealed religion
Heaven Place of everlasting blessedness and righteousness, Paradise, God's house
Hell Sheol; place of disembodied spirits, prison for the unbelievers
Holy Ghost Third person of the Trinity
Hypocrite One who feigns himself to be what he is not


Idol Having likeness, an image or a figure
Idolatry Worship of idols or false gods
Immanuel God with us
Immorality To be without morals
Israel Land of the Hebrews near the SE end of the Mediterranean


Jehovah Sacred name for the Lord which the Jews pronounce as Adonai
Jericho Place of fragrance; Fortress in the land of Canaan about 5 miles west of Jordan
Jerusalem City of God, Holy city; place of Solomon's temple, the death and resurrection of Christ
Jesus Of Nazareth, the son of Joseph, born to Mary in Bethlehem during the reign of Augustus
Jew One of Hebrew descent
John the Baptist Forerunner of the Lord, son of Zacharias, born 6 months before the birth of Christ
Justification Judicial act of God pardoning the sins of those who believe in Christ


Kingdom of God Kingdom of heaven


Lamb Symbolic representation of Christ as the great sacrifice
Leprosy A progressive disease characterized by white scaling of the skin and rotting the flesh inward
Locust Of the class Orthoptera - straitwinged; resembles a large grasshopper, can leap into the air 200 times the length of their bodies, travel in vast numbers destroying everything in their path
Lord's Prayer The only form of prayer Christ taught his disciples
Lord's Supper Communion; commemorate the death of Christ, signify the new covenant, profess Christianity, fellowship of believers
Lucifer Title given to the King of Babylon; Satan
Lutheran Denomination founded by Martin Luther


Martyr One who bears witness to the truth and suffers death because of it
Mediator An ambassador, one who intervenes between two parties at variance; Christ is the mediator between God and man
Mercy Compassion for the unfortunate
Messiah The anointed one; Jesus of Nazareth
Methuselah Son of Enoch, grandfather of Noah, oldest man on record at 969 years dying the year of the flood
Michael One of God's chief angels
Minister A Pastor; One who serves
Miracle An event brought about by the intervening of God by mean undiscernibly to the senses; the will of God


New Testament New Covenant, covenant of grace;  contains 27 books
Noah Rest; Son of Lamech, Father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, who was restored to the earth after the flood and entered into the first covenant


Oath A solemn declaration to God
Old Testament The law and the prophesy contained in 39 books
Oracle The most holy place in the temple; the Word of God
Orthodox Greek: straight opinion; traditional or classical beliefs


Palestine A land once inhabited by the philistines, It's boundaries extend from Syria to Egypt and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan which is now modern Israel
Parable An earthly story with a heavenly meaning
Passover Feast of unleavened bread; in remembrance of the Lord's passing over the homes of the Israelites during the 10th plague
Patriarch Head of families; Normally refereced to Jacob or his twelve sons, Abraham, and Isaac
Pentecost Feast of harvest; the day the Holy Spirit  descended upon the apostles
Piety Devotion to religious duties; devotion towards parents and family
Pray To hold a conversation with God
Priest Office of the Levites, represent and offer sacrifices for the people
Prophecy Prediction, declaration of future knowledge


Quarantania A mountain 1200 feet high, 7 miles NW of Jericho and was the place of Jesus' temptation


Rabbi A dignified title given to Jewish doctors of law, and distinguished teachers
Redemption Freeing from slavery
Repentance To feel regret; a change of mind and purpose and life
Resurrection Raising from the dead; Christ is the only one who has done
Revelation Bringing to light that which is hidden or obscured from view


Sabbath To rest from labor; A day of physical and spiritual rest set aside by God since creation
Sacrifice A divine institution in which animals or first fruits were offered to God during worship
Sacrament Holy rites of the Christian church such as communion and baptism
Salvation Deliverance from evil or danger
Satan The adversary, the accuser, the devil, the dragon, the old serpent, Diabolos, Beelzebub; enemy of Christ, of the divine kingdom, of the followers of Christ, and of truth
Scripture Collection of sacred writings inspired by God
Sin Violation of God's law whether by omission or commission


Temptation To be induced or enticed; to be tested
Theocracy A nation under the direct government of God
Trinity The unity of God as three distinct persons in one


Unicorn Primitive ox; one horned animal of great ferocity and strength
Uriah The Lord is my light; the Hittite husband of Bathsheba


Vagabond Wanderer, fugitive
Vision Perception of an apparition
Volition Using one's will


Wafers Thin cakes used in offerings or communion
Wise men Of three classes, astrologers, Chaldeans, and soothsayers
Woman Taken out of man
Worship Tribute or homage paid to God


X The roman numeral ten


YHWH Yahweh, Sacred name of God


Zealot A fanatic; a sect Jews that refused to pay homage to the Romans
Zion Sunny, height; Jerusalem, people of Israel, church of God, heavenly city

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