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Education is one of the chief cornerstones of our Wisconsin Synod, and of our congregation. We believe that faith is a life-long building process that requires continuing education throughout. God tells us in His word to "search the scriptures" and to "train up a child in the way he should go". To that end, we operate schools at all grade levels from preschool through post-graduate level. All of our WELS-affiliated schools incorporate the Word of God into the curriculums on a daily basis, and classes are taught from a Christian viewpoint.

However, if we only teach students to apply God's Word in the classroom, we fail, for most of their lives are lived outside of school, and the lessons they are taught must follow them. So, emphasis is also placed on personal Bible study and memorization of hymns and Bible passages, so they can be used later.

How are we different from public schools? Well, where a public school might emphasize citizen rights, civic duty, and community pride, we emphasize God's authority, love-driven service, and humility. We expect our children to respect the teachers and each other. We expect our teachers to want to be there, and to serve faithfully. We also encourage and expect parents to be active, and to set a good example in leading a Christian life. All of this is done, not to gain something for ourselves, but out of love and thankfulness for God's gift of salvation.

We certainly do not require members to enroll students in our schools. In every congregation are faithful, active members, whose children attend public schools or are home-schooled. We do not begrudge them this decision or belittle their status. We do, however, feel it is important to provide our members with the opportunity for a high-quality, Christian education wherever possible. A further look at some of our schools is presented in the links below.

- First Lutheran School - operated by the members of our own congregation, this is a chrisitan day school with preschool and grades K-8

- Luther High School - area Lutheran high school owned and operated by an association of WELS congregations in the La Crosse area (we are charter members of the association)

- Luther Prep School - WELS-operated preparatory high school in Watertown, Wisconsin that offers languages and other related background courses to students planning to enter the teaching or pastoral ministry

- Martin Luther College - WELS-operated teacher and pastor training college, offers a liberal arts bachelor degree equivalent, located in New Ulm, Minnesota (south central)

- Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary - WELS-operated graduate and post-graduate institution for pastoral candidates to finish their formal education in Mequon, Wisconsin (just north of Milwaukee)

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